Connecting Vision with Knowledge

Nonprofit Management and Funding Development - Team Building - Facilitation

Website Design & Development - Social Media Marketing - Digital Media Production

Software Development - Systems Management & IT Support - Data Analysis


We are a training & consulting company with a small number of long-term clients whom we are proud to work with. We work with several small non-profit organizations.

We also have experience with grant seeking and grant writing, organizational management and financial management tools such as QuickBooks

We have been building & upgrading Drupal sites since version 4.7, back in 2006. Similarly for WordPress. We also create and manage social media pages and groups.

We develop software and build web sites & test applications according to your requirements & specifications.

We often finish what others have started, but had not completed & deployed.

We facilitate Mission, Value, Vision, Goals and Strategic Planning.

Grant and program development. Funding Strategies.

We manage web site productions, database migrations, statistical & numerical analyses, software development projects, as well as social media marketing campaigns.

We provide system & database administration, maintenance & performance tuning services. We work with Artificial Intelligence applications and API's such as ChatGPT and others.

We do the 'heavy lifting' when it comes to websites, databases & programming.

We provide friendly and knowledgeable technical support. We are easy to get a hold of & respond quickly.

We assist organizations with social media content production and management, including video and audio.

Board, employee and volunteer development. Onsite on offsite team building.

Event and program sponsorship acquisition.


Artificial Intelligence. ChatGPT Plus, Dall-E, OpenAI API, and others. We train grantseekers how to use ChatGPT with funding development.

Drupal & WordPress web site design & construction. Including GoDaddy,, Pressflow & BOA/Aegir. Drupal updates & upgrades. Theming & module development. Drush automation. Migration module. eCommerce/Ubercart

Database Management. Including mySQL (ISAM & InnoDB), MongoDB, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, ODBC/JDBC providers, LDAP. Database design & migration.

Cloud computing. Including VPS's, AWS, S3, EC2, Rackspace/Slicehost, DigitalOcean, Linode & others. LAMP, LEMP, MEAN & more. We work with AWS and Google services.

Data Analysis. Statistical analyses, MatLab, Mathematica, SAS, SPSS, python, R, d3.js, pChart, audio transcriptions, Artificial Intelligence tools, Observable.

Networking Services & Programming. Including TCP/IP, UDP, ISO, discovery, broadcast, VPNs, security.

Funding Software. Foundation Directory Online, Grantstation, CauseIQ and others.

Financial Software. QuickBooks Premier, Quickbooks Nonprofit and QuickBooks Online. Collaboration software, Slack, Microsoft, Google.

Web services. Including ChatGPT, Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube and others.

Web Technologies. Including HTML5, CSS, XML, XSLT/Xpath, Javascript, jQuery, json, AJAX, Angular.js/MEAN, PHP, Python, Cake/PHP, C/C++, Javascript, ASP.NET/VB.NET/C#, Java programming, responsive UI design, boilerplate, bootstrap, API's, REST, JSON, Node.js, kickstart frameworks & lots more!

Automation, SCM & Testing. Including drush, Grunt, Bower, jenkins, capistrano, git, gitHub, svn, cvs, sourcesafe & others. Shell scripting: bash, awk, perl, ruby, more.

Performance Systems, Tools & Best Pactices. Including debian, GNU/Linux, Apache, Nginx, APC, Varnish/VCL, Squid & others.

We are 100% buzz-word compliant. ;)


We are proud to be working with the following organizations:

  • Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission, Texas
  • The City of Palacios, Texas
  • Palacios Downtown Association
  • Friends of Elder Citizens (FOEC)
  • Jackson County Emergency Services District #2
  • FOEC - Palacios Senior & Transit Centers, Matagorda County
  • FOEC - Bay City Transit Center, Matagorda County
  • FOEC - Edna Senior & Transit Centers, Jackson County
  • Palacios Area Historical Association (PAHA)
  • PAHA - City by the Sea Museum
  • PAHA - La Petite Belle
  • Palacios Community HUB
  • Cape Carancahua Water Supply Corporation
  • New Frontier Gallery, Palacios, Texas
  • Palacios Pirate Festival
  • Palacios Day on the Bay Festival
  • Better Built Teams
  • The Strategic Leader Network
  • New York Cycle Club (NYCC)
  • Palacios Yacht Club

We have had successful projects with the following organizations:

  • United States Navy, China Lake, California
  • United States Navy, Point Mugu, California
  • City of Santa Barbara, California
  • County of Santa Barbara, California
  • County of Ventura, California
  • University of California
  • University of California Extension
  • University of California at Los Angeles
  • University of California at Santa Barbara
  • Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
  • Outrigger Music Venue, Palacios Texas
  • Lisa Rein/Wide Hive Records
  • Byron Katie/The Work
  • Runes of Gallidon
  • SocialAgeMedia
  • Domestic Placement Online
  • America Online (AOL)
  • Value Health Sciences
  • Student Success Skills
  • Angiodynamics
  • Pfizer
  • Amgen
  • Delco
  • Unisys
  • SAIC

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